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Amazon Image Who doesn’t like the smell and taste of freshly baked bread? The aroma of a loaf of bread baking in the oven is in many peoples opinion unbeatable, and one that not many people, due to our modern life style, experience these days.

And as for the taste of freshly baked bread, well in my own personal opinion, it is so wonderful that it must be one of the creator’s greatest pleasures given to mankind!

But alas these simple pleasures are mostly denied us in our modern life style due to time constraints and the simple economics of commercially produced bread.

I mean not many modern housewives and mothers have the time to set to and make a batch of newly baked loafs of bread, not when she might be holding down a job as well as the many other chores she might have on here hands.

yummy breadmaker No indeed it’s easier for our modern women and in lots of cases fellow to buy their bread for the supermarket with their weekly shopping.

But back in the day, our modern day women’s mothers or in most cases grandmother’s used to do all the baking in the home and this in most cases included the baking of their families bread supply.

Well in our modern world there is a way for us to make our own bread that is every bit good and tasty as the bread that our mothers and grandmothers used to make.

Enter The Modern Day Breadmakers.

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Basic White Bread Using Your Bread Machine

Yes with a modern day breadmaker anyone can make a perfect loaf of homemade bread, and the only time it takes is the time it takes to weigh out the ingredients and place them in the bread pan as per the manufacturers order, set the required programme and leave the machine to do the rest.

And do you know what? You will be very surprised at the quality of the produced bread when the breadmaker has done its job and produced for you an excellent loaf of bread. And that’s saying nothing of the wonderful aroma that will fill the house while the breadmaker is baking the bread.

But don’t think for one minuet that you will be restricted to making just one kind of bread with a breadmaker, no indeed the bread maker will make an all host of different breads, including white, brown, wholemeal, spelt and even gluten free for those among us who happen to be wheat intolerant!

But wait there’s more, with a modern day bread making machine you will be able to make dough’s for pizzas, cakes, jams and chutney’s. Take a look at the video’s below and you will see just how just versatile a breadmaker can be!

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YouTube Video

How to make simple chunky pineapple JAM Recipe Bread maker


Carrot Cake In A Bread Machine

How to Make Bread Machine Pizza Dough

Which Breadmaker to Buy

As with most kitchen appliances there are lots of choices to choose from when looking for a breadmaker and what might be suitable for one person might not be suitable for another person.

Budget also plays an important part when deciding just what breadmaker to opt for. But that said you will find the more expensive a breadmaker is the more features it will have.

But here on Yummy Breadmaker regardless of your budget we like to look and compare on Amazon just what breadmakers are the rages as this gives a great guide to what are the best breadmakers around.

Whenever you want to buy something on Amazon or any other site for that matter do you ever read reviews on that product? I know I do. And just why is this? Because I like to know just what the people who have bought the product I am looking at. I want to know if this product is worth the price being paid, the reliability of the product and among other thing if it does what it says it does.

And there is nothing like reviews to help you decide if the said product is all of these things you want it to be VIA customer reviews. This is especially true if it has lots of reviews with high percentage of positive reviews, which in Amazons case are four and five star reviews.

Couple these reviews with the Amazons top sellers list, most wished for list and the most gifted list and you have a reliable guide to just what products are somewhere near worth buying.

I know it goes a bit deeper than that, but this method does give you a great start in your search for any particular product.

Here on Yummy Breadmaker we tend to review those product that have a high percentage of four and five star reviews, are high on the top sellers list (yes there is one), the most wished for and the most gifted list.

After all if a breadmaker falls into these categories like we said above then it must be a great breadmaker and this is especially true if it is highly placed in these categories.
So why not take a look at the breadmakers we have highlighted on this site before you decided on a breadmaker.

Good Hunting!


Some Useful Links.

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